Robert Hunter  

Potsherds and Pragmatism: One Collector’s Perspective                                              

Ivor Noel Hume  


Magical, Mythical, Practical and Sublime:

The Meanings and Uses of Ceramics in America                                                         

Ann Smart Martin


European Ceramics in the New World :

The Jamestown Example                                                                                               

Beverly Straube


“The Usual Classes of Useful Articles”:

Staffordshire Ceramics Reconsidered                                                                            

David Barker


Dots, Dashes, and Squiggles:

Early English Slipware Technology                                                                                  

Michelle Erickson and Robert Hunter


Slip Decoration in the Age of Industrialization                                                               

Don Carpentier and Jonathan Rickard


How Creamware Got the Blues: The

Origins of China Glaze and Pearlware                                                                        

George L. Miller and Robert Hunter


American Queensware—The Louisville Experience, 1829-1837                            

Diana and J. Garrison Stradling


An Adventure with Early English Pottery                                                                        

Troy D. Chappell    


New Discoveries  


Merry Abbitt Outlaw


Journey of Discovery: A Retrospective                                                                         

Charlotte Wilcoxen


The Double Dish Dilemma                                                                                             

Jacqueline Pearce and Beverly Straube


A Rediscovery at the New York Historical Society                                                    

Margaret K. Hofer


Seventeenth-Century Donyatt Pottery in the Chesapeake                                       

Taft Kiser


All in the Family: A Staffordshire Soup Plate and

the American Market                                                                                                      

Robert Hunter and George L. Miller


Industrial Pottery in the Old Edgefield District                                                             

Carl Steen


A Spectacular Find at the Joseph Gregory Baynham Pottery Site                             

Mark M. Newell


Enoch Wood Ceramics Excavated in Burslem, Stoke-On-Trent                               

Catherine Banks


A Warner House Search…                                                                                               

Joyce Geary Volk


And The Find!                                                                                                                  

Louise Richardson


Eighteenth-Century Stoneware Kiln of William Richards

Found on the Lamberton Waterfront, Trenton , New Jersey                                             

Richard Hunter  


Book Reviews                                                                                                                 


The Longridge Collection of English Slipware and Delftware,

Leslie B. Grigsby, with contributions by Michael Archer,

Margaret MacFarlane, and Jonathan Horne; 

review by  John C. Austin


John Dwight’s Fulham Pottery, Excavations 1971-79, Chris Green;

review by Norman F. Barka


“I made this jar…” The Life and Works of the Enslaved

African-American Potter, Dave, Jill Beute Koverman, editor;

review by Meta F. Janowitz


Spode’s Willow Pattern and Other Designs After the Chinese,

Robert Copeland; review by Particia M. Samford


The Liverpool Porcelain of William Reid: A Catalogue of Porcelain

And Excavated Shards, Maurice Hillis and Roderick Jellicoe;

review by Janine E. Skerry


Godden’s Guide to Ironstone, Stone & Granite Wares, Geoffrey A. Godden,


review by Jean Wetherbee


A Passion for Pottery: Further Selections from the Henry

H. Weldon Collection, Peter Williams and Pat Halfpenny;

review by Elizabeth Gusler


Checklist of Articles and Books on Ceramics in America                                            

Published 1998-2000

Amy C. Earls  

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