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Warne & Letts South Amboy Pot


Small Jug  7"H.  Attributed to Branch Green's  Stoneware Factory




Stoneware Mug with Blue Bands



Two Gallon Jug Impressed Wait with Incised Bird



William Nichols Pokeepsie Double Handled Cooler




 Boston/Charleston Cream Pitcher



Ethan S. Fox Handled One Gallon Stoneware Pot Dated 1839




O.L. & A.K. Ballard Burlington VT. Bird Crock



Early Jonathan  Fenton Free-Handled Pot



Luman Norton Bennington VT.  Ovoid Jug with Floral Decoration 



Early Hudson Valley Flask



Early  New York/New Jersey  Free-Handled Pot



Israel Seymour Troy, NY  Cylindrical Decorated Jar



Early Free-Handled Pot with incised floral designs, late 18th C.


Ovoid decorated jug, Nathan Clark Jr., Athens New York



Extremely rare single handled pot with impressed flower,  Jonathan Fenton, Boston  18th C. 



Extremely rare free-handled pot, John Remmey New York City, ca. 1805






Early ringed neck jug impressed "W. States"  William States Stonington CT,   1818-22 


Early ringed neck incised jug, New York City, ca. 1810  


Small Free-Handled Hudson Valley Jar







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