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inkwel21.jpg (85974 bytes)

Rare early inkwell made at the Moses Tyler Stoneware Factory Albany New York. The ink is impressed "M. Tyler. Albany Manufacturer" on top and also impressed on the side "M. Tyler Albany", it measures 2"H. by 43/4" in width.  The ink is in very  good condition with out any major damage. The two small flakes at the base which occurred  prior to firing.  Super piece circa 1835.  $4100.   

DSC_2049.JPG (110109 bytes)

Extremely rare small 71/2"H. spouted pitcher with impressed crescents, filled with cobalt. There is a shallow chip to the spout and some shallow flakes to the early footed base prior to firing. The piece was most likely made in New York or New Jersey,  18th C.  $4800. 

Cheesequak1.jpg (167431 bytes)

Fine highly decorated vertical handled Cheesequake  pot in very good condition. Super bold  cobalt watchspring designs and unusually rare cobalt decoration at the handles. Excellent condition  for a piece made in the 18th Century., attributed to the Morgan Pottery New Jersey around 1775. The piece is  three gallon in size, 12"H.  One of the finest Cheesequake pieces I have ever had for sale.              $4800.


DSC_2076.JPG (144605 bytes)

Small pint size Crolius jug 8"H light tan in color with four thumb size cobalt decorations, no chips or cracks, salt glaze drippings which occurred  in the firing process. Nice tooled neck, impress below "C. Crolius/Stoneware/Manufacturer/Manhattan Wells/New York.".        SOLD.       

littleWatchspring1.jpg (119938 bytes)

Extremely rare 61/4"H. very early 18thC jar with unusual cobalt  decorations surrounding the piece. The piece shows strong usage to interior and some loss of the exterior salt glaze. What I find very interesting is that the clay uses was red in color not clay used at the early Morgan Pottery at Cheesequake New Jersey. I still feel the piece was made in the New York/New Jersey area. Small early 18thC  pieces this size are extremely hard to find. $1900.

verticalnj2.jpg (123423 bytes)

Another fine 18thC. vertical handled jar with heavy cobalt on both sides and at both handles a very bright clean pieces in good condition with a small spider under one handle which does not show thru the inside. $1500.


Albanyincisedbird1.jpg (126115 bytes)

Rare and important two gallon pot  with early rolled applied handles touched with cobalt. The piece stands approximately 12"H. decorated with incised birds on either side filled with cobalt.  The potter added some incised dots in front of one of the birds bill representing seeds or berries. The piece was made in Albany New York by either the W. Capron or Paul Cushman Stoneware Factories circa 1807. Heavy chipping to the base and a in-the-firing separation on the interior visible as a recessed area with a faint vertical line on the exterior. The piece is in solid condition and it is quite heavy, typical of early Albany. Incised bird decorations on both sides is very rare. $2800.  


CBoyntonincised1.jpg (77479 bytes)

Rare three or four gallon stoneware jug approximately 16"H.. The piece is stamped C.BOYNTON/TROY/3, made at his pottery at Troy, New York circa 1830. Some minor in firing minor chipping otherwise in very good condition. The piece is decorated with a very unusual incised bird on branch filled with cobalt.   Overall very good condition. $2750.



ClarkFoxChurn1.jpg (115433 bytes)

Rare and beautiful stoneware churn approximately 16"H. with vivid cobalt decorations on both sides and cobalt at the handles. The piece is impressed "Clark & Fox/ATHENS/4. The pottery of Nathan Clark & Ethan Fox circa 1829-38. Overall the piece is in excellent condition. The churn dasher is also included.  $2200. 



commerawvertical4.jpg (117907 bytes)


Rare one gallon 8"H. vertical handled jar with impressed swags and tassels filled with cobalt, impressed "COMMERAW" and on the other side  "STONEWARE"., made at the Thomas Commeraw Stoneware Factory, NYC, circa 1815. Excellent condition overall except for some chips at base and tight line from the base. This piece is fresh to the market from a fifty year old collection.  Extremely rare form.  $4900.  







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