Robert Hunter  


Our Home in the West”: Saffordshire Potters and

Their Emigration to America in the 1840’s                                                                         

Miranda Goodby


Highlights in the Development of the Rockingham and

Yellow Ware Industry in the United States --A Brief Review

with Representative Examples                                                                                          

Arthur F. Goldberg


In the Philadelphia Style: The Pottery of Henry Piercy                                                    

Barbara H. Magid and Bernard K. Means


Swirls and Whirls: English Agateware Technology                                                          

Michelle Erickson and Robert Hunter


The Talbot Hotel Pit Group                                                                                             

Peter Williams


Through the Lookinge Glasse: or, the Chamber Pot as

a Mirror of Its Time                                                                                                        

Ivor Noel Hume


Taking for Granite: Teracotta Gravemarkers from

New Jersey and New York                                                                                               

Richard Veit and Mark Nonestied


Meditations on a Chinese Musician                                                                                

Graham Hood


“Informed Conjecture”:  Collecting Long Island Redware                                              

Anthony W. Butera, Jr.


New Discoveries 


Merry Abbitt Outlaw


A Coxon Waster Deposit of the Mid-1860’s, Sampled in Trenton

New Jersey                                                                                                                      

William B. Liebeknecht, Rebecca White and Richard W. Hunter


Excavations on the Site of the Lewis Pottery Complex, Buckley,

North Wales, United Kingdom                                                                                        

Leigh J. Dodd


A Maryland Grouping of Bow and Derby Figures of the 1760’s                                    

Stephen E. Patrick


Samuel Malkin in Philadelphia : A Remarkable Slipware Assemblage                          

David G. Orr


The Two Faces of Anthony Baecher

Christopher T. Espenshade                                                                                             


The Richards Face—Shades of an Eighteenth-Century American


William B. Liebeknecht and Richard W. Hunter


The Prodigal Son Returns to Jamestown                                                                          

Beverly A. Straube


Backcountry Sophistication: Anthropomorphic Elements from a

Piedmont , North Carolina Kiln                                                                                        

Alain C. Outlaw


Toy Story                                                                                                                         

L. Madison Washburn


Molded Malevolence: Instrumental Symbolism Rendered in Clay                                

Christopher C. Fennell


Making His MARK                                                                                                        

Mark M. Newell


Book Reviews                                                  

An Illustrated Guide to Minton Printed Pottery, 1796-1836, Geoffrey

H. Priestman; 

Review by Robert Copeland


The Potter’s Art, Henry Glassie; 

review by Ellen Paul Denker


China and Glass in America , 1880-1980: From Tabletop to TV Tray,

Charles L. Venable, Ellen P. Denker, Katherine C. Grier, and Stephen

G. Harrison; 

review by Amy C. Earls


Delftware at Historic Deerfield , 1600-1800, Amanda E. Lange; 

review by  Louise P. Richardson


Rookwood and the Industry of Art: Women, Culture and Commerce,

1880-1913, Nancy E. Owen; 

review by Cynthia Brandimarte


Porcelain from the “Vung Tau” Wreck: The Hallstrom Excavation,

Christiaan J. A. Jorg and Michael Flecker; 

review by Linda R. Shulsky


Checklist of Articles and Books on Ceramics in America   

Published 1998-2002                                                                                                             

Amy C. Earls


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