Robert Hunter


Commemorative Wares in George Washington’s Hometown

Barbara H. Magid


Fragile Lessons: Ceramic and Porcelain Representations of Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Jill Weitzman Fenichell


Beneath His Magic Touch:  The Dated Vessels of the African-American Slave Potter Dave

Arthur F. Goldburg and James P. Witkowski


Fluid Vessel: Journey of the Jug

John A. Burrison


Making Faces: Archaeological Evidence of African-American Face Jug Production

Mark M. Newell with Peter Lenzo


Ceramics at Hampton , Baltimore County , Maryland

Diana Edwards and Lynne Dakin Hastings


Seventeenth-Century Tobacco Pipe Manufacturing in the Chesapeake Region: A Preliminary Delineation of Makers and Their Styles

Al Luckenbach and Taft Kiser


J. Palin Thorley (1892-1987), Potter and Designer: Part 2, Williamsburg

John C. Austin


Neither “Landskip” nor “Scripture”: Collecting Dutch Marine Tiles

Ivor Noel Hume    



New Discoveries  



Merry Abbitt Outlaw


A Yankee Jug in Dixie

Robert Hunter and Hank D. Lutton


Mixing Religion and Drink: Personified Expressions in Rockingham Glaze

John E. Kille


Painted Tiles from Tulip Hill, Anne Arundel County , Maryland

Al Luckenbach


Peter Bell Jar

Ronald L. Napier


A “Wretched Tile” from Jamestown

Beverly A. Straube


Creating Architectural Elements in Clay

Gerald L. Thiebolt


A Designer Touches Clay

Warren Bakley


Early Examples of American Architectural Terracotta in Charlestown , South Carolina

Susan Tunick and Jay Shockley


A Pot for Abby Cross of Westerly , Rhode Island and Stonington , Connecticut

Kathryn Boxhorn




Book Reviews


An Archaeological Guide to British Ceramics in Australia , 1788-1901, Alasdair Brooks

Review by Marie Blake Morton


White Salt-Glazed Stoneware of the British Isles , Diana Edwards and Rodney Hampson

Review by Troy D. Chapell


Potters:  Oral History in the Staffordshire Ceramic Industry, Gordon Elliott

Review by Amy C. Earls


The Leeds Pottery, 1770-1881, John Griffin

Review by Patricia Halfpenny


The Unforgiving Minute, David S. Howard

Review by Carl L. Crossman


The Vanished Landscape: A 1930s Childhood in the Potteries , Paul Johnson

Review by Amy C. Earls


Early Potters and Potteries of Delaware : Historical and Commercial Perspectives,                             1760-1890, James R. Koterski

Review by George H. Lukas


Chinese Export Porcelain in the Reeves Center Collection at Washington and                                                  Lee University, Thomas V. Litzenburg, Jr., and Ann T. Bailey

Review by Andrew Madsen


An Archaeological Evolution, Stanley South

Review by Garry Wheeler Stone


The Potter’s Eye: Art and Tradition in North Carolina Pottery, Mark Hewitt and Nancy Sweezy

Review by Robert Hunter


Feathers and Foliage: The Life and Times of the Pearlware Peafowl, George Deike and Mickey Deike

Review by Paul Fox


Old Limoges : Haviland Porcelain Design and Décor, 1845-1865, Barbara Wood and Robert Doares

Review by Susan Gray Detweiler



Checklist of Recent Articles and Books on Ceramics in America

Amy C. Earls


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