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I do offer a very convenient  and flexible layaway plan on all pieces shown on the site or in my inventory.    Please don't hesitate to email me about any particular pieces or potters you might want for your collection.

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Welcome to my site. 

This site will predominantly feature American Stoneware from the late 18th century to mid 19th century, primarily offering pieces from New York, New Jersey and New England. Specializing  in New York State Capital District pieces. 

The site will offer an array of different sizes and forms of pots, jugs and jars, and will occasionally include other smaller items such as inkwells and flasks. The selection will be updated as often as possible, in an effort to keep the current selection as diversified and interesting as possible.  Please always check the site last updated field.  If you don't see something you might be looking for in early pieces only.   Email me I might be able to help you locate it for you.

The majority of stoneware was produced as a utilitarian ware to be used in the home  and everyday life.  As such, early pieces might show some wear or have minor damage due to everyday use.  Due to firing techniques and kiln conditions, early pieces may have kiln imperfections and touch marks also. I also believe that restoration is acceptable to preserve some of these wonderful pieces so that people can enjoy them for years and pass them on to future generations.   

All pieces offered will be described accurately and in detail, pointing out and thoroughly describing all damage or imperfections as they exist.  In addition, any restoration will be described in detail. All my restorations are done by a highly professional restorer. Items will be fully guaranteed as described with a professional return policy applying to all purchased items. Meaning that when you receive the piece and its not for you, just contact me within 7days via phone letting me know your returning it.  All I ask is that it is returned in the same condition as it was shipped. 

Stoneware Books:   Listed are books that I recommend  for everyone interested in early Stoneware. Some books are out-of-print, and some are more recent publications. When  I do have copies of these publications. I will offer them for sale in this section.

Archives:  These are photos of pieces with a brief description that were available on the site. If you would like more detail description of the piece just email me.





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